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We help you navigate complicated financial matters with an ongoing seamless approach

Financial advising for high net-worth individuals and families


Proactive Investment Management

Personalized Portfolios

Tax-loss Harvesting & Tax Efficient Investing


Detailed Reporting

Diversified & Flexible Options


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Estate & Insurance Planning

Tax Planning

Cash & Income Management

Family Legacy Services

Family Office Services


Topsail Wealth Management seeks to provide clients with a premier wealth management partnership. We work with an industry-leading custodian and seek to deliver tailored advice, leading technology, and the experience you and your family expect.

Serving as a partner, navigating complicated financial matters with you through a seamless ongoing approach. Delivering on the services our clients need and adapting to their objectives.




Topsail Wealth Management utilizes Charles Schwab as custodian. Beyond servicing as an investment custodian, clients will have access to banking, lending, and additional services through Charles Schwab. Topsail has complete access to investment products through Schwab’s open architecture, with investment products from all major institutions, including industry-leading low-cost products.

Through independent partnerships with estate and tax professionals, Topsail provides inclusive tax and estate consultations to ensure your goals are met.

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Charles Schwab is an industry leading custodian, committed to protecting client assets and providing the foundational strength to ensure investment success.

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SS&C Black Diamond powers Topsail’s client portal, providing clients access to detailed investment, allocation, and performance reporting.

topsail wealth management charlotte nc

Topsail utilizes eMoney to provide clients with detailed projections, estate mapping scenarios, and powerful financial planning tools.


Here at Topsail Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on being available to our clients in every situation. Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.

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Topsail FAQs

What is wealth management?

Wealth management is a combination of services; typically including investment management and financial planning. By developing a holistic plan, you have the ability to take advantage of investment, tax, and estate strategies.

Why would someone need wealth management?

There is no one reason to start a wealth management relationship. You may feel you don’t have the time to devote to your wealth, or the expertise to combine several disciplines, or you may simply want a trusted partner to work with you. While there is a cost to wealth management, if the hurdle is low, advisors can outperform their cost and help you keep more of your return.

What is wealth planning?

Wealth planning is the process of making strategic plans for financial growth and the protection of assets. Successful wealth planning goals will be curated by a financial expert, such as Topsail Wealth Management, with investment strategies that fit your family’s needs. The wealth manager should be well versed in your financial philosophy, so you can feel confident they will handle your wealth planning well as if the assets were their own.

How do wealth managers add value beyond their fees?

Managers or advisors add value first by recognizing what they can control and what they cannot. By focusing on a holistic wealth management approach that combines services, rather than attempting to outperform the market. Understanding the full scope of an advisor’s services and their fees is an important part of starting any relationship. Value-add best practices should include investment suitability, cost-effective implementation, rebalancing, asset location, and spending strategies.

What is tax-efficient investing?

Investors often focus on the return and miss the importance of focusing on keeping the return they’ve earned. While you can’t control your investment return or tax rates, you can ensure that you minimize tax obligations through a number of tax-efficient investing strategies including investment approach, selection, asset location, saving and withdrawal strategies, and tax-loss harvesting.

What strategies can be used to reduce the taxes on investments?

Opportunities will vary based on your personal situation but there are a number of ways to potentially reduce or defer your tax obligations. Those strategies can include the reduction or deferral of income, capital gains, and estate taxes. Other strategies such as asset location and investment selection help you keep more of your return and reduce tax obligations from the start.

How can I protect my wealth?

Protecting your wealth is an ongoing effort. It includes combining investment, retirement, tax, and estate planning to reduce tax obligations but also ensure an orderly transfer of wealth to the next generation.