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Topsail Wealth Management provides high-net-worth individuals and families with a partner to help them navigate complicated financial matters with an ongoing seamless approach.

We’ll start with a customized investment plan that matches your circumstances while also considering market volatility and economic shifts. Built on industry leading technology, we’ll have the ability to include:

Investment advice and management

  • Personalized asset allocations

  • Tax-efficient investment approaches

  • Implementation of investment plan

  • Constant review and efficient rebalancing

  • Income and expense planning

  • Variable cash flow projections and analysis

  • Detailed performance reporting

  • Complete wealth and investment aggregation

  • The option to employ direct indexing and alternative investment solutions

Wealth and estate planning

  • Estate and income tax plan analysis and education

  • Estate and income tax reduction strategies

  • Consultations with your estate and tax professionals

  • A focus on educating and working directly with future generations

Tax strategies

  • Cost basis methods to minimize tax costs

  • Tax-loss harvesting

  • Asset location strategies

  • Tax projections

  • Investment selection

  • Roth conversion analysis

  • Philanthropic planning

Additional services

  • Family Office services

  • Personal trust services

  • Banking & lending through Schwab or independent partners

  • Bill pay services

By building a partnership based on mutual trust, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best possible investment management and continue to add value to you and your family.