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Partnering With You to Help Achieve Your Mission

Topsail Wealth Management

provides clients with a premier partnership.

Built on a multi-custodial investment management platform.

Topsail Wealth Management partners with nonprofits to provide investment management and
full-service Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) solutions.

Your nonprofit organization gains a partner that understands your mission. 

Organizational Support

  • Proactive communication and coordination.
  • Compliance, regulatory, and reporting support.
  • Develop policies to meet liquidity needs.
  • Continuity during organizational turnover.

Donor Support

  • Donor education and coordination.
  • Webcasts highlighting charitable giving strategies and organization investment.
  • An active partner of the organization.

Investing Management

  • Access to open architecture and multi-custodial platforms.
  • Index and actively managed options.
  • Customized direct indexing solutions.
  • Create, implement, and manage diversified investment strategy.
  • Ongoing and regular investment reviews.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)

  • Development of an investment policy statement.
  • Fiduciary support and resources.
  • Cash flow analysis and consulting.
  • Daily portfolio oversight, monitoring, and rebalancing.
  • Tailored outreach, audit, and meeting support.
  • Staff, committee, and board investment/fiduciary education.


Assets Fee Schedule
First $5,000,000 .50% or 50bps
Next $5,000,000 .20% or 20bps
Next $15,000,000 .15% or 15bps
Remaining assets above $25,000,000 .05% or 5bps

Institutional & Non-profit – effective 8/2023