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Personalized wealth management designed to help you keep more of your return.

Topsail Wealth Management’s pricing is among the lowest in the industry. We do more at a lower cost to help you accomplish your financial goals. While some minimums do apply, use our calculator to see how we can help you save. As you invest more with Topsail, we pass further savings on to you.

I am planning to invest $:
with Topsail Wealth Management.
$0 annually 0.30% Compared to the industry average of 0.75%.

Average fees are based on data Results from the 2013 and 2017 RIA Benchmarking Study from Charles Schwab. Median results for all firms with $250 million or more in AUM. 2017 RIA Benchmarking Study from Charles Schwab, fielded January to March, 2017. Study contains self-reported data from 1,321 firms. Participant firms represent various sizes and business models categorized into 12 peer groups-7 wealth manager groups and 5 money manager groups, by AUM size. In both studies, fees on assets by client relationship size for all groups below $25m were constant.

2016 results
$1m in client assets – 100 basis points or 1%
$2m in client assets – 90 basis points or .9%
$5m in client assets – 75 basis points or .75%
$10m in client assets – 60 basis points or .6%
$25m in client assets – 48 basis points or .48%

Topsail Wealth Management has a tiered-fee structure based on the level of assets being managed and may require a minimum fee to manage accounts. The average fees do not consider other costs, including investment products, transaction, or other costs. The average industry fee is for a $5 million relationship. Topsail clients at the same asset level will be assessed a .30% advisory fee.